Not the biggest hail ever…

…But definitely the biggest hail we’ve had around here in a while.  It was a weird storm we got.  Normally the hail falls, followed by a lot of rain, then we’re good.  This hail started and stopped for a good 15 minutes.  Again, not the biggest storm in the history of the world, but pretty good for California’s central valley!

Decent sized hailHail building up on my backyard deathstar

A tour of the new bathroom

We recently had some a bunch of bathroom work done.  This is what it used to look like:

The old bathroomAt the end of the first day, this is what it looked like:

The destroyed bathroomBut we’ve finally got the work done, and here’s  how it came out:

The finished bathroom!The finished shower!The new shower shelvesThe finished shower!The fancy new faucet in actionThe new light in actionAnd here’s a little video tour so you can get the full effect:

If you want to see a little more of the process, I’ve got the rest of the pictures posted here:

March of Dimes walk

This April I’ll be doing the March of Dimes walk in Fresno.  The charity’s goal is to raise funds to help women get the care they need to bring their babies to full term and have a healthy start on life.  I’ll be walking with my co-workers, and anything you can do to help our fundraising would be greatly appreciated!  You can find my page at

Thank you!