Holiday Bullshit – Day 6

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And we keep creeping closer! My Day 6 gift from Cards Against Humanity arrived today. Today was the posters of the “Kill Card” described as “One card, specific to the card czar, that beats all other cards.” The Post Family, an art and design clubhouse put together some posters. I got three, “Dick Fingers,” “The entire Internet” and “Peeing a little bit.” All of the posters are available for download at

CAH Holiday BS Day 06-1

CAH Holiday BS Day 06-2

Review – LG Electronics Tone+ HBS-730 Bluetooth Headset

For the last few months I’ve been trying to get into a little better shape by going to the gym and trying to get out running. I am by no means hitting the weights like crazy or running any marathons, I simply want to get myself in better condition – thinking long term with the health and all. My main goal has been to do some local 5K runs, and I’ve done a couple, but I haven’t finished one without walking yet.

One of the most obnoxious things for me as I’m working out is the cord from my headphones. I love having some music to pace myself, or at least to drown out the noise at the gym. But the cord is always a hassle.

I’ve been looking around a lot for a good bluetooth headset to use without having to break the bank. There are lots of nice sets out there, but I’ve seen them up to $150. I didn’t want anything that fancy.

After reading around, I ended up with the LG Electronics Tone+ HBS-730. I read some complaints about how far away you can get from the device before it starts to cut out. I knew I would largely have my phone with me when I was working out so this wasn’t a concern. I did go ahead and test it out just to find out.

I left my phone in the kitchen and wandered the house. I went around a corner and down the hallway. I made it into the first bedroom before the audio started to cut out. I’d estimate I made it around 20 feet. Not too bad in my opinion, although my main purpose for this device was music.

Although I knew it wasn’t going to be my primary use, I did go ahead and try out a call. The person on the other end said my voice was kind of muffled. I’m not sure if this is because the microphone was on my neck, or because of something I was wearing (I had a sweatshirt on at the time).

As for battery life, the product description says it gets 10 hours of listening time. I know I went at least 6 hours of listening time, and it still said the battery life was high. I knew I wouldn’t likely be using the headset for more than a couple of hours in a single use, so this is perfect for me.

I found the HBS-730 to be pretty comfortable. Although it is a ring that goes around the neck, I barely noticed it. It does bounce some when I’m running, but I never found it to be overly distracting.

All-in-all, I find this device to be great. I haven’t had any issues with sweat on the device causing any issues. I tried this device with an iPhone 5S as well as a Motorola Droid 4. The only difference I noticed is that the audio was louder on the Droid 4 (when I had everything down to minimum volume).

If you want to get this device, check it out on Amazon below. And if you don’t have Amazon Prime, get free two-day shipping and try out a free 30-day trial here:

Holiday Bullshit – Day 2

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Another day, another gift! Cards Against Humanity was not joking when they said they sent out a lump of coal for the 2nd day gift. Today I got my small bag with a piece of coal! I imagine it started as a single piece originally, but the brutal feeling of being shipped through the mail beat it up a little!

CAH Holiday BS Day 02-1

And since tomorrow is Christmas, I know I won’t be getting any of the remaining Day 5-9 items tomorrow, so I’ll be back to the mailbox on Thursday!

In the meantime, I want to wish my readers a Merry Christmas, and don’t forget to come back here when you get all those awesome Amazon gift cards for Christmas!

Holiday Bullshit – Day 12

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This might just be the coolest gift to arrive on these 12 days. A custom white card with my name!

CAH Holiday BS Day 12-1

I’ll keep posting the other gifts as they arrive (I still have several yet to arrive). I’ll probably add some info on the puzzle involved as well. I haven’t really looked too much into the puzzle yet, but I think that will be the next bit of fun in this promotion!

Holiday Bullshit – Day 10

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So today’s gift was pretty bad ass. Cards Against Humanity took the dollar from all 100,000 people and donated it to public schools across the US through Check out how the money was spent here:

I have to say this was a pretty cool way for the money to be spent. Makes me even happier I took the chance and spent that $12!

Holiday Bullshit – Day 11

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*Update* Turns out this is the Day 11 gift!

Well today’s gift was an interesting one, at least in terms of categorizing it for you here! I’ve been using the day numbers over at in order to title my posts, but the gift that arrived today doesn’t seem to be on their website! I guess that makes this a special post then!

The theme of today’s cards is “Five Cards That Have Nothing to do with the Holidays”.

CAH Holiday BS Day XX-1

CAH Holiday BS Day XX-2

CAH Holiday BS Day XX-3

The three white cards read:
“People with cake in their mouths talking about how good cake is.”
“Being blind and deaf and having no limbs.”
“A simultaneous nightmare and wet dream starring Sigourney Weaver.”

The two black cards read:
“Kids these days with their iPods and their internet. In my day, all we needed to pass time was _.”

That’s another dollar. So far I’ve received four of the 12 gifts. Hopefully that means lots more will be coming tomorrow and Monday!

A quick plug

None of my Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit items came today. According to, 8 of the items have been sent out, and three have arrived at my house.

Since I’ve got a down day, I figured I’d do a little plug! I am an associate at so I get a small percentage of any sale that is made through my referral link. If you’re here and enjoying the page, why not save the page and use the link below whenever you’re going to do some shopping at Amazon!

Hopefully we’ll see another Holiday Bullshit item posted here tomorrow!