The baby is nearly here!

It has been close to 3 months since I posted anything on here, so it seems like a good time to put a baby update!

My wife is about 6 months along now, and finally starting to truly show.  You still can’t tell she’s pregnant if she’s wearing a loose sweatshirt.  So of course every other woman in the world loves her for that.  🙂

We do know that we’ve got a boy coming.  No names yet.  We’ve talked about a few but we don’t have anything set in stone.

We’re still not sure how the cats are going to handle things.  Worst case, they spend a lot of time under the bed!  We’ve had some friends over with their daughter (she was about 8 months at the time).  The cats seemed semi-interested and not too freaked out.  Of course she wasn’t being too fussy, so who knows.

Lots of appointments lately.  Ultrasounds, fetal echo, normal doctor appointments.  So far everything is good.  The last ultrasound put us exactly on pace for our expected due date of June 26.

The baby’s room is painted.  Just need to start filling it with furniture.  That has been the hard part so far.  I’m not sure if we’re being overly picky, but we aren’t really finding what we like.  Part of that is finding a dresser tall enough for us (with the number of diapers we will need to change I don’t want to be bending over too much).

Still lots to do, but I think we’re coming along pretty well.  More to come!