Why we (will) need a new Batman backstory

As I was watching “Batman V Superman,” I noticed the date on Martha Wayne’s tombstone.  In this movie, she died in 1981 (of course I can’t find a screenshot online and I don’t have the movie myself).  This makes sense since the movie is in a more or less modern day, and she would have needed to die in an appropriate year to put Bruce Wayne at his current age.  This issue is that going forward, this is going to need to change.

I don’t really know when the paparazzi in the US kind of spread all over, but at some point I would find it hard to believe that the billionaire philanthropists of Gotham wouldn’t have at least one dedicated paparazzo following them around.  If they went out for the evening, I would call bullshit that there wouldn’t be someone with a camera waiting for them.  There’s no way some random thug just randomly mugs them on the street.

I’m not saying that the Wayne’s unfortunate death can’t still happen, but it’s got to be something other than a random mugging while walking out of the theater.