Who wants free stuff?

Well, the free stuff is admittedly copies of my book, but it’s still free!  Anyway, I’ve got some copies of my book “Kauai The Garden Isle” available for your kindle.  These are leftover from a previous giveaway, so it’s sort of “first come first served” today!  If you’ve got a kindle or the kindle app and want a copy of my book, just visit http://www.amazon.com/acceptgift and enter one of the following codes.  They’re only good once, so if it’s used just try the next.  I’ll try to update this as they get redeemed.




And if you missed out on the giveaway but want a copy anyway, you can buy one for $1 at https://smile.amazon.com/Kauai-Garden-Isle-Photo-Collection-ebook/dp/B013OA36JY/?tag=jaimwrit-20

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