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Thank you for visiting! Right now I have one short story collection available on Kindle, and one photo collection available on Kindle.
The short story collection called “ALL IS NOT AS IT APPEARS: TALES OF TERROR AND SUSPENSE” and it is a collection of three stories in the horror genre.
All is not as it Appears: Tales of Suspense and Terror

The photo collection features my cats, because cats are awesome, and it is called “LIFE OF A CAT: LESSONS THAT EVERY FELINE NEEDS TO LEARN”
Life of a Cat: Lessons That Every Feline Needs to Learn

Both are now up at Amazon, available on Kindle! “All is not as it Appears” is only $0.99 and “Life of a Cat” is $3.99. Both are free to borrow if you’re an Amazon Prime member (If you’re not an Amazon Prime Member and want to join, just click here: To borrow just search for “Jaime Horio” on your Kindle!

To purchase “ALL IS NOT AS IT APPEARS” by Jaime Horio please click below:

To purchase “LIFE OF A CAT” please click below:

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