Saving Money on Funko Pop! Figures

funkoOver the last year, and especially during the last couple of months, I’ve gotten pretty big into collecting these Funko Pop! figures.  It started innocently enough, I did a couple of the subscription boxes, I started finding some more that I really liked.  Then I hit a tipping point.  Not only was I looking in stores, I started searching online for some of those grails.  Nothing too over the top, but I’ve found a few hard-to-find figures online.  I’m sure we all have some tricks to saving money, but I wanted to share some of mine here (and yes, many of these have referral or affiliate links – You don’t have to use them but if you do I’d appreciate it!).

First of all, I use one of two sources to start my search.  The first is ebates.  We’ve all seen the ads, and they’re pretty straightforward.  Start your shopping through their site, they get a referral fee and give a portion back to you.  I’ve been using ebates for a while and over that time I’ve received over $350 back.  It’s a great resource not just for Pops but for any online shopping.  So start there.  If you haven’t signed up yet, use my referral link:

My other starting spot is the ibotta app.  Ibotta works in two ways.  First, for normal shopping trips (say to Target or Walmart) you unlock offers, then scan your receipt and get a rebate.  The other way it works is if you launch from their app, you can get a percentage of your purchase back (for example, as of this writing you can get up to 2% back on your ebay purchase).  If you don’t have ibotta, use my referral link to sign up:

OK, so you’ve found the Pop you want.  You’ve used one of the two methods above to save some money.  Now it’s time to pay.  For this I’ll use Raise.  Raise is a website/app that lets you buy and sell unwanted gift cards (in my case, I’ll generally be buying them).  Depending on the site and the availability, you can get pretty big discounts, but even smaller ones are pretty nice!  For example, the last time I checked an ebay gift card was at a 1.5% discount.  Just buy the amount you need, and apply the gift cards at checkout!  And as a bonus,use that ebates link I mentioned above to get a rebate on your Raise purchase!  If you aren’t a Raise member, use my referral code:

Let’s run a quick example.  Say you find a pop on ebay that you really want, and you’re able to get it for $25.  You started through ibotta, so you’ll get 2% back.  That’s $0.50.  You want to use a gift card, so you start at ebates and use that referral to get a 1% rebate on your Raise purchase.  That’s another $0.25.  And you saved 1.5% on the gift card, so that’s another $0.37 in savings.  That’s $1.12 off.  It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it starts to add up.  Plus if you’re using a rewards card for the purchase you get that bonus as well (I won’t get into that in this post).

As an added bonus, the referral links above generally have a signup bonus as well!

I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to save on your Pop purchases, but I wanted to share my main method when I’m splurging on those rare figures!  If you’ve got other ways you save, tell me in the comments!

And come see parts of my collection and my new finds on Instagram at

Another Look at Harry’s Razors (and other Harry’s Products)

Harry's ProductsIt’s been about four months since I first posted about Harry’s Razors (  Since then I’ve tried a few more of their products and come to the conclusion that I love this company.

Let me give you a quick rundown of what I’ve tried so far.

My initial order included a handle, blade, shave gel and post shave balm (more details in the link above).  For me personally, I’m sticking with my current shave gel, but the post shave balm will be replacing what I’m currently using (I had purchased a big pack of four bottles, so I’m still working with that).

Since that initial order and post, I’ve only had to order blades once.  I did also receive a sample pack from Harry’s that included another four blades, as well as a face wash and face lotion.

Let’s start with the razors.  That’s a total of 13 blades (the initial trial, an order of eight, and a sample of four), and I still have some.  Although Harry’s plans will set you up to receive an order every month or every two months, I haven’t had to make another order since April.  These blades last a long time without wearing down.  Fortunately, you do get a warning of a couple days before your get charged for your recurring order, so you can always delay it by a month.

Moving on to the other products.  The face wash has become a part of my daily routine.  It’s not medicated, so there’s no need to worry about it bleaching your towels.  It does include peppermint and eucalyptus, which really does feel cooling when you use it.

Finally, the face lotion.  I love the smell, plus it has some SPF protection, which has been great during our hot central California summers.  The lotion is soothing, and another product that I’ll be adding into my ongoing orders.

So there it is.  Across the board, I’ve been loving the Harry’s products.  Not only are they priced better than some of the bigger companies, but the blades themselves actually last longer.  The other stuff they are making are also clearly high on my list.

And their subscription model is huge today.  I use subscription services for lots of my basic items, and the fact that Harry’s gives you the notice before shipping is a great feature.

If you’ve been considering using Harry’s, give it a shot!  Even if you don’t end up liking the service, the $3 shipping fee you’ll pay for the initial trial is less than you would pay in the store for what you’re getting.

Use this link to get your free starter kit, just pay shipping (*this is a referral link)

I’ve Tried Harry’s Razors for 1-Week Now

I started using Harry’s razors a week ago, so I thought this would be a good chance time to look at how things have been going.

Let’s start with the “why”.  Why did I decide to switch from what I’ve been using for the last, oh, 17 years or so?  A big part of it was the timing of needing some new blades, and the cost.  I had a promo code from a podcast I listen to, so I was able to get the complete starter kit for $3 and some change, all delivered to my door.  That included a blade and handle, a bottle of shave gel and a bottle of after shave balm.  Plus I’ve heard good things about the razors (from that same podcast, but I got the impression it was genuine and not just because Harry’s is a sponsor).

Worst case, I got a pretty good deal on this.

Worst case, I got a pretty good deal on this.

So what did I use before?  For years I’ve used Gillette, through a few different iterations (I think one was the Mach 3, currently the Fusion, and it seems like something else was before all of that).  They do a great job of hooking you early.  I remember getting a free razor in the mail when I was 18 after registering for the draft.  Brand loyalty is huge in this country, and they do a great job getting customers early in life.

I use Nivea sensitive skin shave gel and after shave balm as well.

Re-read that last paragraph.  That’s kind of a key of something I was looking for with Harry’s.  I do have fairly sensitive skin.  Especially along my neck I’ll get irritate after shaving.

So what did I experience?  I wasn’t sure after my first few moments.  The shave gel seemed thing when I rubbed it on, but it actually worked really well.  I’m very used to the gel I’ve used in the past that is very thick when I rub it on my face.  This was a change, but still effective.

The shave was clean.  I don’t know that it was necessarily any smoother than my old blades, but one thing I’ll be watching for is how long they last (this is one of the main things I’ve heard about Harry’s blades, that they last a long time).

More importantly, I’m very pleased with how my skin has reacted.  I had a few days where my skin felt a little bothered, but once I put the aftershave balm on everything calmed down.  I did have one day where I had some red spots along my cheek and neck.  But that’s better than what I’ve experienced in the past, so I’m pleased.

Another perk I noticed is the cost.  The cost for 8 blades is just over $2 (with taxes and shipping and everything), which is less than the per-item cost of Gillette when you buy in bulk at Costco.

All-in-all I’m very happy.  Harry’s uses the subscription model (another perk, and definitely something I think a lot of people are looking for today), so I’m scheduled to have blades ship in about another week.  I was using this trial time to decide what to do, and I’m going to let that order go through.  I want to continue to try these blades out and see if I remain this happy going forward!

*Disclaimer* I received nothing for this post, it is just my personal opinion.  This post is not sponsored, although if anyone from Harry’s is reading this and wants to hook me up just send me a note on my Contact Page


Baby #2 Announcement Idea

We recently got to make the announcement that my wife was pregnant with baby #2.  We went through a couple of ideas on how to announce it before she came up with this idea.

It’s pretty simple really.  She got a box of various-sized safety pins and chose the appropriate ones to represent me (dad), her (mom) and our current little one.  Then she bulged the “mom” pin a little bit and put a tiny pin inside to represent the new baby.  She was able to snap the picture below.

Baby Announcement Idea

Baby Announcement Idea

What do you think of this idea?  If you like it, feel free to use it for your own announcement, or change it a little to make it just right for you!

Raising a kid in this crazy world

These last couple days/weeks have had some crazy things happen.  A guy just got barely a slap on the wrist after being convicted of sexual assault.  Last night 50 people were killed in a nightclub.  Things like this are part of why I was hesitant to bring a child into this world.

Fortunately my wife helped me change my mind.  I couldn’t be happier than I am now.

These last couple events, especially that shooting, got me thinking again.  I realized all I can do is raise my son to do the right thing.  I just have to lay the foundation to make him know that these sorts of things aren’t right.  And at the same time I have to teach him to see the positive in the world.  Watching the news can make you think all that happens is bad, but there is lots of beauty.

There are lots of nice people doing nice things.  I need to teach him to do nice things.  I am teaching him to appreciate nature.  I am trying to keep him happy.

There may be terrible things going on, but I don’t regret having my son.  I just need to do what I can to leave this world a little better for him.

7 Things You Learn Becoming a First Time Dad

Earlier this year I became a dad for the first time.  As we near the end of the year and the end of 7 months with the little one, I wanted to share a few thoughts I had.

  1. The life changes are not what you expect
    • There are the obvious things that you expect to change: sleep patterns will change, going out has to change, etc.  What caught me off guard were the simple changes like needing to run to the store.  Everything starts getting planned around the baby, even the little things.
  2. Yes he poops, but it’s not as bad as everyone made it out to be
    • Before the baby was born, every parent I knew had some horrific baby poop story.  I don’t know what it is about poop that everyone insists on talking about it, but so far I don’t have a horror story.  Sure, it’s stinky and sometimes it ends up on things that it shouldn’t (like my hand) but that’s why we have soap and water.
  3. You’ve got to have a sense of humor
    • Let’s stick with the bodily fluids, as long as we’re already on the topic.  Things will go awry with the baby, that’s just the way it is.  You have to have a sense of humor about everything.  Our little guy was pretty good about not trying to pee on us when we were changing his diaper, but about a week ago he took aim at my face.  I was able to dodge it and block it with my hand but he just kept going and going.  It’s impossible to have a situation like that without laughing!
  4. You get used to the smells pretty fast
    • There are all sorts of smells that go along with a baby.  There are the obvious ones like poo, but you’ll get used to even the stinkiest diaper.  There are definitely times where I’ve gagged a little but ultimately you get over it pretty fast.  But then there are things like diapers and wipes.  Even the clean ones have a distinct smell to them and those just become a part of the baby experience.
  5. You have to learn to live in the moment
    • I’ve spent plenty of time worrying about the future.  Will I be able to teach him good morals and decision-making?  Will he love the same things I do?  How do I keep him from getting hurt?  So much of that is way out in the future.  I’ve found that I have to live in the moment sometimes.  He’s smiling and laughing, I just need to keep that going.
  6. There isn’t really anything you can do to prepare
    • You can read books and blogs and get an idea of some of the things to expect.  But ultimately everything is going to be new.  Each kid is going to be different, and your experience will be different from everyone else.  And really, people have been doing this for thousands of years without the help of books and the internet.  You figure it out as you go.
  7. I wouldn’t trade it for anything
    • I was the youngest in my family and we never lived near any extended family.  Which means I never grew up around babies or little kids, so the idea of having my own was pretty scary and at times something I wasn’t sure I wanted.  As I grew older, my wife helped convince me that kids aren’t totally scary.  She was right.  Although there are scary moments, I would never trade this.  I would never be the kind to advocate that everyone has to have kids, it gives your life meaning, etc.  But for me, I couldn’t be happier.

What about you?  Are there any other first-timers with thoughts on how life changes?

The jerseys of Team Fugly over the years

This Wednesday is the last night of the bowling season, and with our baby coming it looks like this particular chapter for Team Fugly is coming to a close.  Let’s take a look back at the shirts over the years.

I don’t have the original “Don’t Neglect the Balls” shirt, but you can still find it at tshirt hell.

Our second tshirt hell choice:

fugly excellenceNext we started designing our own shirts (well, Andrew did):
fugly sumo front fugly sumo backOne of my favorites, and actual jersey design:
fugly jerseyLast year’s shirts, incorporating our motto of “The Best of the Worst”
fugly best front fugly best backAnd finally this year’s shirts.   One of Andre’s friends designed this for us:
fugly rock

The baby is nearly here!

It has been close to 3 months since I posted anything on here, so it seems like a good time to put a baby update!

My wife is about 6 months along now, and finally starting to truly show.  You still can’t tell she’s pregnant if she’s wearing a loose sweatshirt.  So of course every other woman in the world loves her for that.  🙂

We do know that we’ve got a boy coming.  No names yet.  We’ve talked about a few but we don’t have anything set in stone.

We’re still not sure how the cats are going to handle things.  Worst case, they spend a lot of time under the bed!  We’ve had some friends over with their daughter (she was about 8 months at the time).  The cats seemed semi-interested and not too freaked out.  Of course she wasn’t being too fussy, so who knows.

Lots of appointments lately.  Ultrasounds, fetal echo, normal doctor appointments.  So far everything is good.  The last ultrasound put us exactly on pace for our expected due date of June 26.

The baby’s room is painted.  Just need to start filling it with furniture.  That has been the hard part so far.  I’m not sure if we’re being overly picky, but we aren’t really finding what we like.  Part of that is finding a dresser tall enough for us (with the number of diapers we will need to change I don’t want to be bending over too much).

Still lots to do, but I think we’re coming along pretty well.  More to come!

A quick plug

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Hopefully we’ll see another Holiday Bullshit item posted here tomorrow!