30 Before 30

What is this?  I’m turning 30 in about 4 months, on October 22, so I figured I’d put together a slightly gimmicky list of things to accomplish before then!  I don’t have a lot of time, so some of these things are pretty simple and some of them are connected.

As I accomplish each goal, I’ll add a little blog post about it, with links at the main “30 before 30” page at http://www.jaimeh.com/30-before-30/

So what kinds of things are on here?  Some related to reading, some involve yard work that I just need to get done.  Some have a little more to them, like losing some weight in order to get in a little better shape.  One of the more exciting things I’ve added is that I want to publish something.

The reasoning behind the “publish” goal is that I have several short story ideas, so this is my way of forcing me to finish those up.  Then the goal will be to get those self-published in the Kindle store!

As for “potty train the kitties,” I’m serious.  Check this out: http://www.jaimeh.com/2012/06/22/potty-training-for-cats/.  Maybe I won’t have the cats using the toilet by the time I turn 30, but I want to be well into the training at that point.

Check back in for more updates as I start getting through some of these things!