My Wife’s Obama joke

So my wife made a pretty good Obama joke this morning.  We were up early, the baby had been eating and she was holding him and rocking him to sleep.  The baby was swaddled, so I walked in and said “He’s my little burrito!”

Somehow that turned in to me pointing out that burritos are wrapped up, and tacos are totally open, so what do you call it when the tortilla is rolled on one end but open on the other?

Her response was “I dunno.  A burr-aco?  ….Bama.”  🙂

I only felt bad that I couldn’t laugh more because the baby had just fallen asleep.

My Woot! Bag of Crap

I recently managed to snag another Bag of Crap from Woot! and it arrived today!  My unboxing video didn’t come out great, so here are a couple of pictures to share what arrived.


Not a bad haul.  Some noise-isolating headphones, a bath fizzy ball, a growing penguin, a snowman mug, a cube monkey figure and a literal mystery bag.  And of course what BOC would be complete with a literal BOC, my Brush of Crap!

Brush of CrapAhh, good times.  I always love it when I’m able to snag a bag!

To see my previous Bag of Crap, from Christmas 2013, go here:

Raising money for the animals

This month, I’ve decided to donate my earnings from book sales* to local animal charities.  For the month of July, for all sales of “Life of a Cat” I will donate $1 toward local charities.  There is no limit to how much I will do, just as much as sales will allow.

Life of a Cat: Lessons That Every Feline Needs to Learn

To buy my book on Amazon, click here: “Life of a Cat

I will also donate earnings from borrows of my book.  If you are a Kindle Unlimited member, or an Amazon Prime member with a Kindle, you can search for Jaime Horio on your Kindle, and borrow the book!

What charities will I be donating to?  I will donate to a local animal adoption center, and a low-cost spay and neuter clinic.

Clovis Animal Services – Animal intake and adoption.  Check them out at

HOPE Animal Foundation – Providing low-cost spay and neuter clinics.  Check them out at

This will run throughout the month of July.  Donation will be made around October 2015, once the return period has passed and Amazon has paid out royalties.

*I will donate $1 toward local animal charities for each copy of “Life of a Cat” sold or borrowed during July 2015, minus any returns.